Welcome to Spherium

Spherium is a company that develops biomedical innovations from academic sources to accelerate their transition to the value chain and to the market


Our key factors



Hands-on approach to manage projects with proactivity and flexibility, willing to accept risk and to share success with our partners


Strong experience in academic research and technology transfer makes us understand your goals and motivations as a technology originator


Our experience in drug development from discovery to clinical and commercial stages makes us an insider player within the biopharmaceutical industry


Smart approach to project management that helps speed up development stages and decision making


Availability of own investment up to 500k€ per project allows us to reach the next value milestone

Our mission

We turn biomedical knowledge into social and economic value

Our vision


To be a key player in the biomedical innovation licensing market in Europe by

A wide network of contacts with research institutions

A strong experience in defining and executing biomedical development plans

A portfolio of successfully out licensed projects

Our values


We act upon opportunities, learning fast from experience. We are willing to take risks and seek continuously innovative solutions to unmet needs


Challenges will always emerge in the life of a biomedical project. We anticipate them and react upon these challenges with realistic optimism


We understand and take care of our sourcing partners and potential clients, both from a business and human perspective


We take ownership of our projects and are personally accounted for their progress


We develop projects up to the next value milestone following the most efficient and practical way

Our history

  • March 2009

    Janus Developments is incorporated in March 2009 to act on the technology transfer space as smart bioincubator

  • June 2009

    Janus wins first price in an Entrepreneur Contest of Caixa Manresa

  • December 2009

    Janus completes its first financial round thanks to Ferrer, Enantia and Caixa Manresa

  • November 2010

    Janus receives “Fem Talent” award from Barcelona Activa initiative towards the promotion of Equality in the Board of Directors

  • July 2012

    Janus incorporates Aquilon, a joint spin-off with Universidad de León (Spain) to develop veterinary products for production animals

  • December 2013

    Janus reaches the 40 in-licenses landmark

  • January 2014

    Spherium Biomed is created by Janus and Ferrer to implement a new model of R&D

  • December 2015

    Four in-licenses in 2015, two of them from international academic sources

  • November 2015

    Spherium becomes a clinical stage company with first patient in for two clinical trials in Oral Mucositis and temporo-mandibular joint disease